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Neil 刚买了一部新手机,还没用几天就坏了。菲菲觉得 Neil 上当了,买了个假货。听节目,学习英语(精品课)对话中一个表示“欺骗”的地道表达。


(关于台词的备注: 请注意这不是广播节目的逐字稿件。本文稿可能没有体现录制、编辑过程中对节目做出的改变。)


Neil:And I’m Neil. Feifei – what do you think of my new phone?


Neil:It’s great. This guy sold it to me. He said it was a top-secret new model – it’s not been released in the shops yet. Here, look…


Neil:You just… err… oh, hang on, it’s frozen. Let me just… no.


Neil:A guy on the street.

Feifei:I hate to say it Neil, but I think he pulled a fast one on you!

Neil:But he… oh no.

Feifei:Sorry. 英语表达 pull a fast one 的意思“成功地欺骗”。我们可以说 pull a fast one on someone或 pull a fast one with someone,意思都是“成功地欺骗耍弄一个人,使一个人上当受骗”。比如,Neil 的那部新手机是假货,他完全的上当了。The phone seller pulled a fast one on Neil. 咱们再来听两个例句。


The shopkeeper tried to pull a fast one on me. He gave me a ?5 note as change instead of a ?20 note.

Don’t you try and pull a fast one with me! I know you’re not really sick. Get back to work!

Neil:So, that’s it. All that money wasted. What an idiot. Oh, is that my phone?

Feifei:Sorry, it’s mine. Hello? Yes… No, I don’t think so… Thanks!

Neil:Who was it?

Feifei:The guy called to say I’ve won a million pounds. All I have to do is give him my bank details and he’ll pay me.

Neil:Someone else trying to pull a fast one!

Feifei:Sadly, yes! I could do with a million pounds though. I’d even buy you a new phone, Neil.

Neil:You’re too kind.






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